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8th Sep 2009, 3:49 PM in Origem da Chama
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Lucio Pimentel
1) Torak: The recent earthquake was felt through all ofGreat Valley, and the mark carved on the battlefield was seen in several regions. It is the mystic symbol of the earth key.
Gorin: But why would anyone use the keys?
Torak: The keys themselves are items of great power. They can control the elements and be used as a focus for powerful magic.
There are those who would use them for their own petty purposes, regardless of the consequences.
Most of the energy of the keys is used to hold the Salamander. But without the prison, the power of the keys would be even greater.
2) "My greatest fear, however, is that the salamander's own servants are plotting her return. She has several creatures and slaves."
"Some are also contained by the powerful magic of the elemental keys, others are just hiding waiting for the right moment."
3) Torak: Understand this, Gorin, the salamander is a force of evil and destruction, but her flames are beautiful and seductive.
They say that anyone who looks closely at a bonfire for too long can see a glimpse of the Salamander, and sometimes she looks back.
After that, their eyes start to have a slight reddish glow, and your mind and body belong to her forever.
Gorin: How so? I always thought this was all a legend?


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