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10th Sep 2009, 1:40 AM in Origem da Chama
"O que devemos fazer"
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Lucio Pimentel 20th May 2010, 11:14 PM edit delete
Lucio Pimentel
1) Torak: The legends always have a kernel of truth, and unless we act, soon they will return to walk in our world. Unfortunately ...
But I think I scared you too much.
2) Torak: I have a job to perform, and I need your help. We have to contact the other nations. They need to know that their keys are not safe.
Gorin: What should we do?
Torak: We go immediately to Sindar, and from there to the frog's capital.
3) Gorin: But how are we gonna enter enter the Royal City? It is impossible.
4) Torak: I know someone who can take us there. His name is Onofrius.


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